Treatment Team Members 


Dr. Ryan Wetzler

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Dr. Ryan Wetzler is a licensed psychologist who has been treating sleep disorders, with particular expertise in insomnia since 2002. He developed Louisville’s only comprehensive cognitive-behavioral treatment program for insomnia (CBT-I) in 2004. The outcomes of his treatment program were highlighted at the annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies meeting in 2009 

CBT-I is now recognized by the American College of Physicians, the National Institutes of Health, and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine as the first-line treatment approach for chronic insomnia. He is board certified in the practice of Behavioral Sleep Medicine (2005) and Clinical Health Psychology (2011). He became a Diplomate of the Board of Behavioral Sleep Medicine in 2018. Dr. Wetzler remains active in several professional organizations with past roles including President-Kentucky Sleep Society, President-Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine, Chair-Insomnia section of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and Chair-American Academy of Sleep Medicine-Behavioral Sleep Medicine Course. He is currently a board member of the Kentucky Sleep Society. After working at a sleep disorders center for 14-years, he founded Sleep Health Center in 2018 to increase the availability of scientifically proven sleep and health psychology services. He has particular interest in the management of insomnia, circadian rhythm sleep disorders, parasomnias, headache, fibromyalgia, and cardiac conditions.

Tori Dickerson M.A., M.B.A

Tori Dickerson is a clinical psychology doctoral practicum student at Spalding University. Tori is also a researcher with Spalding’s Psychometric and Health Psychology research interest groups. She has conducted and presented research on stress management, trauma, resilience, effective coping, and chronic pain. Her clinical interests include using evidence-based behavioral treatments for chronic and functional health difficulties, such as insomnia.

Tori is a certified Hatha Yoga and Yoga Sculpt instructor, where she incorporates mindfulness, relaxation, and meditation techniques into daily practices. She also integrates those techniques into cognitive-behavioral interventions to reduce and manage stress. Tori is excited to work under the supervision of Dr. Wetzler, where she hopes to learn more about sleep difficulties with co-occurring mental and physical health conditions. Outside of the office, Tori enjoys exploring Louisville’s food scene.

Brenna Williams

Brenna Williams is a clinical psychology doctoral student at the University of Louisville. She is also a graduate research assistant in the Eating Anxiety Treatment Laboratory at the University of Louisville where she works with Dr. Cheri Levinson. Brenna is primarily interested in investigating the relations of self-criticism and self-perception with eating disorder symptoms. Clinically, Brenna is interested in the use of cognitive-behavioral and compassion-focused therapies to treat individuals with eating, anxiety, and mood disorders. She is currently conducting a research project on the feasibility and impact of a group self-compassion workshop for individuals with eating disorders. Brenna is pleased to be working under the supervision of Dr. Wetzler, and she hopes to learn more about the treatment of sleep and health conditions that commonly co-occur with other mental disorders. Outside of research and clinical work, Brenna enjoys taking her dog on hikes around Louisville.